OUR 10 Years Goals

1. Training and Capacity Building

Establishing training programs and workshops to build the capacity of journalists in investigative and data-driven reporting techniques.

2. Platforms for Networking and Collaboration

Creating a network of independent media makers and providing them with resources, platforms, and mentorship to amplify their voices.

3. Climatic Change and Other Environmental Issues

Launching media campaigns and awareness programs to promote reportage on environmental-related issues and drive action towards sustainable development.

4. Human Right Advocacy

Developing educational materials and conducting workshops to raise awareness about human rights and empower individuals to protect their rights.

5. Anti-corruption Advocacy

Spearheading national and regional anti-corruption campaigns, advocating for policy reforms, and supporting whistleblowers in exposing corruption.

6. Partnerships for Good Governance

Engaging with policymakers, civil society organizations, and citizens to promote good governance, transparency, and accountability in public administration.

7. Partnership for Human Right Protection

Establishing partnerships with international organizations and collaborating on projects to promote development journalism, human rights, and good governance globally.

8. Growing our Reach and Audience

Expanding our reach through digital platforms, including a comprehensive website, social media presence, and interactive tools for engagement and information sharing.